Q: Is planning permission needed for a new driveway?

A: For driveway replacements no but if you are looking to have your front lawn paved then you may need permission, a member of our team will be able to help you with this

Q: How long does a new driveway take to install?

A: Normally around 5-7 days according to which building material you choose

Q: When completed, when can i start using my new driveway?

A: Normally between 2-3 hours, our team will advise you if more time is needed

Q: On average how long does a driveway last?

A: As long as it is regularly maintained, it should last a lifetime

Q: How easy is it to choose a driveway solution?

A: Our team will help you decide on which option will be best for your home and Budget

Q: Can i have a driveway installed all year round?

A: Yes, all we need is a dry day

Q: Do you have references i can see?

A: Yes a member of our team will be happy to show you remarks from our satisfied customers

Q: What type of deposit do i need to pay?

A: No deposit is needed to get your project started


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